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About Uechi-Ryu Sacramento

Uechi-Ryu Sacramento was founded in 2018 by Senseis Henry Carino and Som Sivongxay. They are always excited to have new students of every skill level join the class.

History of Uechi-Ryu


The Uechi-Ryu style was founded by Sensei Kanbun Uechi after his return from China in 1910. While initially he refused to teach, he eventually gave in. Uechi-Ryu is a half-hard, half-soft style, focusing on open and closed hand techniques. The core of the style revolves around a kata (fighting-form) named Sanchin, which aids in muscular development, and tests the spirit. 

The Goal of Uechi-Ryu Sacramento


Uechi-Ryu Sacramento seeks to teach self-defense along with developing the character of all of our students. Students are taught basic techniques, forms (kata), and sparring techniques. We practice both point and full-contact sparring in order to develope both speed and power in our students. Most of all, students are taught discipline, respect, and the ability to maintain an unyielding resolve.

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