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Elite Thai Pads Review

On being selected for a collaboration with Elite Sports and browsing their website, we were surprised at the array of products they offer. There are gloves, pads, and clothing for MMA, Muay Thai, Judo, Karate, and wrestling. Deciding on a single product to try out was a tough choice. While it would be great to have an extra pair of gloves or shin guards, a set of Thai pads would get much more use. Of the five available colors, we chose the black with white graphics. Order and shipping confirmation were smooth and we received the pads quickly. From the initial inspection, I was impressed. Elite Sports has put together a good looking set of pads. The logo and graphics are unique and tasteful. The Thai script on the forearm padding, มวยไทย (Muay Thai), is a cool touch. On discussing build quality let’s compare the Elite Sports Thai Pads to similar offerings from Contender Fight Sports and Paed Liam (an in house brand from a local Gym). All three come in at a similar price point. Here is how Elite Sports stacks up. All three handles are comfortable enough and are attached in a similar way: four metal fasteners and stitching. However, Elite Sports uses larger fasteners for a more secure attachment. Also, there is reinforcement stitching running beneath the handle going the width of the pad. I’d imagine that the extra stitching prevents tearing of the back surface. Impressive. Elite Sports adjustable straps are the best of the three as well. The Paed Liam straps are attached in the same way, but the Elite straps are longer, allowing them to have significantly more stitching, decreasing the risk of the straps separating from the main body. For extra security, four more fasteners are used on each handle. Another feature missing on the other pads. In terms of construction, the Elite Sports pads are superior. Business on the back. Party on the front. With Elite Sport’s great work on the rear, let’s see how the fun side of these pads hold up. On holding the Elite Sports pads, you realize they are slightly shorter than the other two pads. Unless you have super long forearms, this shouldn’t be an issue. I found their size, lightness and the pad’s curvature makes the Elite Sports pads easier to maneuver. Especially for kids or smaller adults. This allows for more precise control and better set up for the holder. Making the other sets feel a bit clunky. The only issue we found with the Elite Sports pads is that they’ll require a break in period. The striking surface itself is a bit stiff. Which isn’t necessarily a negative but this makes the edges slightly harder than you’d expect. I found myself subconsciously adjusting distance so I don’t land on the hard edge with the softer parts of the foot, below the instep. Fortunately, there’s an easy remedy: use them. These can easily become my go to set. Anyone looking for an extremely well built and easy to handle set of Thai pads at a great price should try Elite Sports. Pros: Build quality exceeding the price point, maneuverability Cons: Break in needed to soften edges Check them out
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